As we live increasingly connected lives, you’ve probably thought about who’s working hard every day to keep your personal and professional information safe and secure. Then again, maybe you haven’t. Either way, cybersecurity (or “Information Security”) is a critical component of living and working online. However, there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to fill these roles today, and the demand for these skill sets only continues to grow.

It’s a sticky problem, but we’re not without solutions. The Cyber Hub at WMCAT, now officially online (check out our new website), is the region’s only neutrally-located and community-based cybersecurity resource, providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to learn, practice, develop, and connect with the cybersecurity community.

At the Cyber Hub, we’re focused on growing the tech talent pipeline in West Michigan and closing the cyber skills gap in our region. What does that mean? Beyond supporting existing professionals today, we’re also aiming our support at non-traditional talent pools and working to provide more equitable access to opportunities in the sector.

Employers need creative problem solvers on their cybersecurity teams, and we can’t emphasize the importance enough – the overwhelming potential that comes with diversifying the talent pipeline.

You may have seen us at the Grand Rapids IT Symposium in May, Merit’s “Security on a Shoestring Budget” workshop in June, the West Michigan Cyber Security Consortium’s annual Purple Event in July or saw media coverage of the Cyber Hub. Coming up you will definitely see us at GrrCON in October or maybe at one of our certifications, training exercises, bootcamps or cyber-related events in our community.

How do you get involved? Take a look at our new website at and sign-up for (or request) a workshop, certification bootcamp, or training exercise. If you want to meet to learn more, come to WMCAT and take a tour. And if you want to help us grow and diversify the cyber talent pipeline in West Michigan, let’s connect!

See you soon,

Anthony Tuttle, Program Manager at the Cyber Hub at WMCAT

Anthony is leading WMCAT’s efforts to build a diverse and inclusive cyber security and technology talent pipeline in West Michigan. Before joining WMCAT, Anthony worked in marketing at Steelcase where he focused on the intersection of furniture and technology, and managed multiple products that solved for the needs of both end users and IT decision makers.