Q + A with Anthony Tuttle, Program Manager at the Cyber Hub at WMCAT

Q: What is the Cyber Hub at WMCAT?

A: We are the region’s only Cyber Hub (a practice center for cybersecurity) that is available to the community. Cyber Hubs are usually “classified” and unavailable to the public, but we are set-up to work with individuals and organizations who want to grow in the sector. We provide opportunities to learn, practice, develop, and connect within the community.

Q: Why is the Cyber Hub important to WMCAT and the community?

A: As I like to say, we are your friendly neighborhood Cyber Hub! We are focused on helping strengthen family economic security by providing the opportunities that expose and prepare people for careers in this high-growth sector. We are also focused on diversifying the talent pipeline so that it reflects our community.

Q: You mentioned cybersecurity is a high-growth sector, what is the opportunity in our area?

A: As we increasingly live our lives online, the demand for professionals with IT and cyber-related skill sets is only going to continue to increase. And while we can’t fill all 6,800 available cybersecurity jobs in Michigan (yep, you heard right), it does mean that we can provide opportunities to grow and diversify the industry and help families build income security.

Connect with the Cyber Hub at WMCAT and sign-up for a bootcamp or training, join a networking event, or consider using the Cyber Hub for testing and product development.