Cyber Hub at WMCAT

The Cyber Hub at WMCAT is the region’s only neutrally-located and community-based cybersecurity resource for individuals and organizations. In order to grow and diversify the talent pipeline in West Michigan, the Cyber Hub is working to provide more equitable access to opportunities in the sector.

Through public/private partnerships, the Cyber Hub has become a magnet site in our community, bringing individuals, businesses, and educational institutions together to connect and engage as part of the cybersecurity ecosystem. We support our community by providing equitable access to opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect, learn, practice, and develop with the cybersecurity sector.


Connect and engage with individuals and
businesses within the cybersecurity


Use our various educational resources to learn new skills and earn cybersecurity certifications to progress your career.


Apply your knowledge through
real-world practice exercises to gain
experience and hone skills.


Use our virtual environment to securely develop new products, test new tools, and showcase solutions to customers.

In addition to hosting a variety of cybersecurity community events, the Cyber Hub at WMCAT is able to offer workshops, certification bootcamps, practice exercises, and other training engagements, as well as virtual infrastructure for product development, testing, and demonstration.

Grow + Diversify

Building the Skills for Success

We recognize the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals is large and growing, which is why we aim to help close the cyber skills gap in our region. This includes providing access to educational resources and trainings, professional certifications, and practice exercises.

By offering these opportunities, we’re encouraging individuals to explore the fields of IT and cybersecurity, build new capabilities, gain experience, and hone existing skills to progress their careers and create economic security for their families and communities.

Diversifying the Talent Pipeline

Beyond helping individuals build the skills for career success, the Cyber Hub at WMCAT aims to diversify the cyber talent pipeline in West Michigan by emphasizing the importance of connecting with traditionally underrepresented members of our community.

Businesses — especially those in IT and information security — do much better when their teams are diverse. We see our role in the cyber sector as critical to helping establish new talent pools of qualified IT and cybersecurity professionals, prepare a workforce that is representative of the population in our community, and ultimately strengthen family economic security.

Who We Serve


Existing IT/cyber professionals looking to sharpen and learn new skills to advance their careers

Tech-savvy professionals looking to build new skills and achieve entry-level positions in the cyber sector


Individuals with little or no tech experience interested in pursuing a career in IT/cyber security to improve their economic security


Cyber security vendors


Cyber security + IT departments at large and small companies


Tech start-ups & entrepreneurs

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