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Our Community Sponsors

It takes a cyber community to raise a Hub. We couldn’t do our work alone.
Thanks to our sponsors for their continued support in helping us grow!

Cyber Community Partners

Cyber Community Partners are local companies that have invested in the Cyber Hub at WMCAT so that we may provide equitable access to cybersecurity resources and educational opportunities to underserved individuals in our community.

Together, we are working to identify, engage, and prepare young adults and other individuals interested in IT and cybersecurity to build new skills and work towards entry-level positions. Their financial support helps under-resourced individuals understand and explore jobs in IT and cybersecurity, as well as build the skills they need to prepare for living-wage careers in this high-growth sector.

Sponsoring Vendors

Sponsoring Vendors are the various cybersecurity solution vendors that the professionals in our community know, use, and love. They help educate our community on emerging trends and train us on their latest and greatest tools and best practices. Their financial support allows the Cyber Hub to host, support, and bring together the multiple cybersecurity-focused community organizations across West Michigan to connect and share knowledge and ideas.

Become a Cyber Hub Sponsor

Supporting the Cyber Hub at WMCAT is an excellent way to both give back and stay engaged with West Michigan individuals and businesses. Your financial support helps sustain the work we do and positions your company at the forefront of growing and diversifying the cybcersecurity community here in West Michigan.

The Cyber Community Partner and Sponsoring Vendor sponsorship packages are annual gifts that support our work from July to June.

Please contact anthony.tuttle@wmcat.org to learn more.

Supporting the Cyber Hub

Beyond sponsorship, there are multiple ways to support the Cyber Hub at WMCAT:

  • Make sure cyber security organizations in our community have a place to meet
  • Provide students and professionals with access to resources to learn and build new skills
  • Sponsor purchases of computers and monitors to support student learning and engagement
  • Donate hardware and devices for students to use on the Michigan Cyber Range


If you’d like to give — or would like more information on how you can support the Cyber Hub at WMCAT —  please contact anthony.tuttle@wmcat.org.

Your generous contributions help sustain the work we do. Gifts of any size are always graciously accepted. 

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